Luxury Wedding in Calabria: tenuta klope

Wedding shooting
Matrimonio tenuta klopè

Luxury Wedding in Calabria: Klopè Estate

In this article I tell you about the dream wedding that I had the pleasure of documenting at Klope estate: the wedding of Alessio and Sharon.

Two guys with whom I immediately found myself in harmony and who allowed me to best describe the emotions and sensations experienced.

Let's start from the beginning… Alessio, the groom, decides to change clothes in his grandmother's house where he grew up, while Sharon changes in the house where she has always lived with her family since she was a child. The preparation takes place in total harmony even if a few tears escape which are promptly dampened by their son, Michele, three years old but… a true force of nature!

Matrimonio sposo
matrimonio preparazione sposa

The religious rite of marriage in Calabria

The religious rite takes place in the beautiful Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, located in the historic center of Catanzaro. A very hot day awaits the guests who, however, find refuge within the ancient walls of the church which is very airy. Strong emotions are felt as soon as Alessio enters accompanied by his sister and later when he sees his bride, his beloved Sharon. The ceremony is enlivened by Michele going up and down the central nave causing amusement and happiness in the guests!

Chiesa Immacolata di Catanzaro
Immacolata di Catanzaro
Matrimonio Immacolata di Catanzaro

Let's go to Tenuta Klopè

After the function, I immediately head to the location because I have planned the outdoor shooting session with the bride and groom: being an evening wedding, I want to shoot with the favor of the golden hour and the sunset, Klope estate in fact it overlooks the Aeolian Islands, a magnificent sight! Klope estate it offers numerous glimpses with a beautiful light… what better occasion to shoot breathtaking images!

Unique feature of Klope estate it is the presence of a pianist who accompanies refreshments, a must have for a refined and elegant ceremony!

The dinner and the wedding party in Tenuta Klopè

After the shooting, I leave the bride and groom free to interact with the guests and open the welcome buffet. There Klope estate offers a wide range of fish-based products and above all of a unique freshness.

After about an hour, the guests are made to sit in the hall where they welcome the bride and groom to applause.

Dinner, between one dish and another, proceeds quickly and there is dancing: Alessio shows off his skills as a dancer with a surprise flash mob for his bride Sharon.

At the end of the dinner we head out to cut the cake and watch the fireworks show organized in detail. At the end of the day, with my crew, I come back satisfied and with some amazing material that I can't wait to process.

Luxury wedding in Calabria: Klopè Estate 

The couple's expectations were amply met and the location of Tenuta Klopè played a key role. The play of light, the panorama and the breathtaking view… made the perfect setting for the shots of the wedding video. 

There Klope estate is a villa for weddings and events in Francavilla Angitola (province of Vibo Valentia).

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