Some useful tips to start planning your wedding!

portfolio - 14 - Jasmine ed Osvaldo

The first question couples ask themselves when they have to start organizing their wedding day marriage is: “Where do we start?” Simple question but not trivial indeed.... Usually a wedding is organized a year in advance (in the worst case scenario six months in advance) and if we are talking about a destination wedding we start even before 365 days.

The wedding sector is a sector that offers an infinite number of options so starting from the assumption that many suppliers will have to be blocked, it is absolutely necessary to start in time because they must all match by the established date! Discarding the wedding planner option for a moment (this figure organizes everything and the bride and groom just have to decide what they like or not) which we will resume in a special article and we will focus on the couple who do everything by themselves!

In the digital age we rely on the internet as we know, that's why so many couples rely on portals, one of the most famous is; I personally believe that as a first choice, at the same time, we should focus on location/video/photo. Without taking anything away from the others, I think these are the first three figures to pay attention to for your wedding because they are the ones who will have to dedicate themselves to the married couple throughout the day and could have the date already committed
with no possibility of liberation.

Small example: have you found the wedding videographer that most impressed you? Well, you will surely appreciate his style and that's why you have to block him, to have him and not a replacement that will definitely not work like him that day. In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out
you can click here to see some of my films (link to the word "HERE" which refers to the film page). Chosen the first three suppliers you have to decide if you want to have a religious or civil ceremony, this decision is purely personal, of the couple so we won't dwell too much.

Subsequently you can think about the style to give to the wedding and in these I believe that a great hand is given by the florist or by whoever takes care of the arrangements, these two suppliers must work together for the perfect realization of the idea that the spouses have. Then you can think about music and entertainment during the reception. In my opinion these are the key points from which to start, once these suppliers have been chosen, then the road will be all downhill!