How to decorate the groom's house on the wedding day?

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Let's face it, no one ever thinks about this detail and yet even the groom's house and consequently the groom himself receive visits from relatives and friends. It is clear that you want to make a good impression so the groom's mother will do her best to embellish her home in the best possible way, obviously this scenario will be possible if the groom leaves his home and not if he gets ready directly in a location where he often everything happens in one room.

Let's assume, however, that the groom leaves his childhood home, where he grew up, over the years, having had many weddings, the decorations, in the homes and also in those of the groom, always had some key points present:

  • The dessert table with sugared almonds, flowers and colors that usually recall the wedding theme;
  • If there is a garden you can think of setting up a small reception under a gazebo and placing some lanterns on the lawn, even bows are never missing;
  • The staircase can be decorated with plants that follow the entire handrail;

Personally I believe that these are the must-haves that must never be missing. It is clear that everything is up to the taste and imagination of the groom and his family but usually, due to the experience gained, I have always seen the bare minimum, without ever overdo it. I think it's also right. The groom is always the one who prefers to get dressed straight away to spend time with friends and tone down the tension of the moment. Over the years I have noticed that what really interests our beloved groom is to immediately see the bride at the altar in all her beauty.

To conclude the discussion on decorating the groom's house, I give you a little suggestion, if you really have no idea how to organize everything you can always rely on a wedding planner, they will not only take care of the setup but could offer you interesting solutions such as gadgets to provide to those who will come to visit you at home, let's think for example of a fan if it is the height of summer, small containers for blowing soap bubbles when the groom leaves the house with his mother... in short, lots of ideas, if you want learn more about how to organize your wedding contact me here.