How to manage your wedding budget

Budget di matrimonio
Budget di matrimonio

Some useful tips to manage your wedding budget in the best way

Let's start from a fundamental point, what should you give priority to when managing your wedding budget? Each couple organizes their own marriage has priorities regarding suppliers, it must be said however that among them there are some who necessarily always have precedence, despite this however they may still not be the recipients of an important portion of the budget. Let's talk about location (to the word location connect article on civil ceremony or church and location), videographer and photographer.

As already mentioned previously, the couple cannot necessarily decide to spend a lot on a location or a photo shoot video, what is certain is that if what is requested by the supplier in question turns out to be a price that is too low compared to the average (because the bride and groom always ask multiple suppliers and therefore have a basic general idea!) you should ask yourself two questions! This could be synonymous with a product that is not up to par for your day and of poor quality, so be careful my dear newlyweds! Next you can think about flowers, musical entertainment etc etc

How far in advance to block wedding suppliers?

Usually future spouses start planning and consequently start blocking the first suppliers a year before, it may seem strange to you but now, that we are in May 2022, we already have dates blocked for 2023 and requests for 2024! The advice therefore is, if you really want that supplier on your wedding day, do not hesitate to contact him to find out what he offers and how much it could cost you!

The budget in the Destination Wedding

If the married couple in question is organizing their own wedding and it is a destination wedding then we are talking about another budget, yes because in addition to the classic expenses that may be had you have to take into account having to pay for the accommodation of all the guests , it is usually a very used and appreciated courtesy!

In short, as you can see, organizing a wedding is not at all simple, whether you rely on a wedding planner or not, you always have to establish a budget and decide what the priorities are, so the advice is to move in time and leave nothing to the case!

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