Destination wedding photographer in Calabria

Are you looking for inspiration for your destination wedding film in Calabria? Are you tired of boring and emotionless wedding movies?

Thanks to my experience as a destination wedding videographer, I can recommend some beautiful places in Calabria where you can have your religious and/or civil wedding rite: places that lend themselves to being ideal frames for a memorable memory.

Do you prefer an ancient village, a countryside background or a view overlooking the sea? Calabria is the place where you can find the sea and the mountains just a few kilometers away, passing from an elegant and luxury style to a more rustic and intimate one.

Destination wedding films in Calabria

Have a wedding in a beautiful place is a fantastic experience.

On this page I've collected informations about my wedding film/reportage services in Calabria. With breathtaking scenery, fantastic weather and so many beautiful locations to choose from, there are thousand reasons to plan a wedding in Calabria. The relaxed atmosphere, the incredibly beautiful light is the reason I love shooting destination wedding films in Calabria.

Wedding in Baia dell'Est


The evocative ceremony joined them through the traditional rite of Indian marriage: origin of the two families of the spouses.

From romantic ceremonies to lavish wedding receptions, Baia dell'Est offers all the inspiration, care and attention you deserve for your special day. Whatever type of celebration you have in mind, from intimate to huge ceremonial, this legendary location in Calabria can bring your wedding dream to life. This fantastic location overlooks the scenery of the Costa degli Aranci, stands on top of a hill and is surrounded by picturesque views of olive groves that breathe the air of the Ionian Sea. Gorgeous gardens and breathtaking views make this the perfect location for your destination wedding film in Calabria.

Wedding in Borgo del Convento


Daniele and Roberta choose as their destination wedding Borgo del Convento: what better setting for an intimate and private wedding?

Here, in this little piece of diamond in the heart of Calabria, they surrounded themselves with the love of the people dear to them, who came from all over to witness their "yes".

Borgo del Convento arises beetwen the hills and the sea in the province of Catanzaro, its perfect reserved and pitoresque position makes it the perfect backdrop for an intimate and romantic wedding celebration. Inside there are two churches and a small chapel where it's possible to celebrate wedding ceremony and exchange vows as the sun sets leaving its warm and bright colors sinking into the infinite blue, thus offering a splendid scenario for your destination wedding film in Calabria.

Wedding in Tenuta Balzano


Tenuta Balzano is the place for your wedding fairytale: a warm and inviting environment for the most magical day of your life, immersed in an area of extraordinary beauty.

Awesome gardens are the setting, Tenuta Balzano is designed to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

If you're looking for a location for your destination wedding in Calabria, Tenuta Balzano is surely one of the best option.


Wedding at Caposperone Resort


The story of a perfect day: Alessio e Francesca chosen the beauty of Costa Viola ( in Calabria) for your wedding, in a romantic atmosphere suspended in the Caposperone Resort's temple.

Caposperone Resort is the perfect environment for an elegant wedding. Surrounded by meadows filled with beautiful flowers, it is a harmonious balance between modern design and classic countryside. Immersed in the greenery of Calabria, it overlooks the suggestive scenery of the Costa Viola. The supreme elegance of the rooms, in addition to the awesome gardens, make Caposperone Resort one of the favorite places to celebrate your wedding.

If you're looking elegance with incomparable quality and a personalized service that is not second to anyone, you can trust Caposerone Resort: an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests.


Wedding at Casino Lenza


If you ever thought to a wedding location, probably you'll have thought to Italy, but a wedding in Calabria has all the elegant charm and history to match.

They are Marco and Jessica, they got married at the elegant Casino Lenza, an old hunting lodge from the mid-nineteenth century

Ceremony was made on the awesome garden, a light and airy space full of natural light: a fantastic place to have a wedding.

Style, charm and elegance were the theme with which the reception took place. A country retreat located in the rural Calabrian countryside, Casino Lenza offers endless possibilities for couples to plan their wedding.

If you're considering a place to have your wedding in Calabria, then Casino Lenza is surely an option to keep in mind!

Wedding at Tenuta delle Grazie


Finally they did it, the wedding that Per Marius and Simona have dreamed took place into the beautiful location in Calabria, Tenuta delle Grazie.

Awesome landscapes with spectacular hills that stretch for miles, surrounded by ancient olive groves, Tenuta delle Grazie offers to the couples the opportunity to create their own wedding and shape it as they wish in complete freedom.

Tenuta delle Grazie is located in Curinga (in the province of Vibo Valentia) and the kitchen is entrusted to the starred chef Luca Abruzzino.