Wedding in the wood

Video matrimonio nel bosco

Alvaro and Teresa - Destination wedding from Rome

destination wedding

From Rome to Cittanova - the story of Alvaro and Teresa

In this article I tell you about a marriage that defining outside the box is little, therefore I start immediately with the story, Alvaro and Teresa are two guys who get in touch with me in 2021, since the first videocall I perceive their dreamy soul seasoned with an incredible clarity of ideas, Alvaro is a very reserved type while Teresa is the handyman, it is in fact she who with her positivity explains to me how their wedding will be organized. In fact, I will never forget the enthusiasm I felt when they told me that everything would take place in the villa of Teresa's grandmother, between the woods and the garden. I immediately thought it would be a "crazy" day and so it was.

I getting ready - groom and bride


Alvaro and Teresa change in two different places but not far from each other, the groom in hotel surrounded by relatives and friends, he marries her in the rooms of the family villa, also among family and friends, the guests they come from all over the world so different accents are heard and the thing that strikes me is that the bride and groom answer everyone because they know 7 languages, the getting ready take place in the most total serenity and joy, right from the first moments I realize how much attention to detail there is in their marriage, I breathe a truly "unconventional" air and this creates a strong inspiration in me in wedding storytelling. Once the preparations have been completed, the guests begin to head towards the corner of the wood used for the ceremony, a journey of about 5 minutes immersed in total greenery. Once the guests are settled, Alvaro also arrives ready to welcome Teresa and kick off the ceremony!

A romantic ceremony into the woods

The civil ceremony

The ceremony it takes place in the wood adjacent to the family villa, specially decorated for the occasion, it gives that rustic and warm touch that really leaves you speechless. Upon arrival of Teresa Alvaro does not hold back the emotion as well as all the guests, the civil rite is celebrated by a close friend of the couple and among anecdotes, speeches, exchange of rings and a few tears, everything flows as planned, the ritual is accompanied by a French band that lives at the foot of the Alps, also very close friends of the couple! As soon as the ritual is concluded, the married couple talks with the guests, the tension has now vanished and leaves room for jokes and laughter, all accompanied by cups of Champagne he was born in catering of "Lo Schiavo". After about half an hour ours newlyweds they do it shooting as agreed and the guests head towards the garden where dinner and the rest of the evening will take place.


Dinner and after party

There dinner it's an explosion of games, jokes and speeches from friends and relatives, the setting creates a magical atmosphere and romantic, the bride and groom exchange a word with all the invited d Alvaro gives us a ballet, together with friends, which surprises Teresa who enjoys it like never before. After dinner we proceed with the cake cut where our spouses thank those present and so we start the dance with the dj, it goes on until late at night with dances and music and the evening ends .... I return home full of positive sensations, a marriage outside really well organized down to the smallest detail, the decorations, the ceremony in the woods, guests from all over the world (even from New York!!!), all this made this wedding an unforgettable event, if you too are thinking about your wedding and don't know where to start contact me here!!!