Wedding with sea view

groom and bride

Italian-Brazilian wedding in Italy

In this article I'm talking about a destination wedding in Italy, an Italian-Brazilian wedding in Italy by the sea!

Video di matrimonio in stile reportage

Civil ceremony on the sea

A brief introduction before telling you about the beautiful seaside wedding of this married couple, Fabio and Lara chase each other for two years, due to covid-19, before being able to crown their dream of love….but let's go into more detail!

The first meeting with the couple

The first time I talk to Fabio and Lara their very young age immediately strikes me, they begin to tell me their story and I am impressed, despite being very young they have been chasing each other for some time and they bring a considerable baggage of experiences from behind. They know each other at London, both are located in the shade of Big Ben because of a study trip and one evening they happen to be in the same place at the same party! They both immediately tell me that they notice each other as soon as they set foot at the party, the evening goes by smoothly and in the end they get to know each other and will find themselves chatting all evening. From there begins theirs relation and they understand that they are made for each other. However, the happiness of the couple does not last long, in 2019 arrives, as we have all noticed, the COVID-19 and Lara, who answers to the voice nationality Brazil, decides to return home to his family, the same goes for Fabio who returns to Soverato. However, the two, moved by a strong feeling, feel each other through messages and video calls until Fabio, as soon as he has the chance, takes the first plane and flies to carioca land!!! Subsequently Lara follows him deciding to settle permanently in Soverato in the land of the hippocampus; talking to them I realize that the saying “love at first sight” is sometimes really spot on…

The preparations of the bride and groom

The newlyweds decide to change in the same house, obviously on different floors, both surrounded by relatives and friends who bring joy and enthusiasm into the house, making Fabio and Lara less nervous; It is curious to see how the two cultures, the Italian and the Brazilian, intertwine and generate a positive energy right from the start, once the preparations are finished we start with a bit of shooting in the large garden of the villa and the first to head towards the location where the ritual will take place is Fabio.

Groom dress

The civil ceremony on location

A wonderful rite on the sea in the East Bay

The wonderful civil ceremony takes place on the terrace overlooking the sea in Baia dell'Est, the guests await the arrival of the bride and groom and so the celebrant, a relative of Fabio, begins with the readings, followed by the rite of sand as chosen by the spouses, followed by the reading of the brother-in-law and the very exciting promises of the spouses. Baia dell'Est offers a wonderful setting, overlooking the sea and more precisely the bay of Caminia, in fact guests are attracted to it and never miss an opportunity to take a selfie before the celebration. Returning to the civil ceremony, the latter arouses a lot of emotion, in fact the parents of the spouses are visibly moved, especially after hearing the promises of Fabio and Lara who tell how much they fought for this love and how much effort they put in to make their dream come true. After the ritual we set off for the couple shooting…

Baia dell'est a Caminia. Ristorante, matrimoni, cerimonie sul mare.

The couple shooting during a wedding

In this section of the article, I'll explain how outdoor shooting is managed and why it's important to do so

For the couple shooting we stay at the East Bay, the place really leaves you speechless, overlooking the sea of the bay of Caminia (Catanzaro). Being a wedding that took place in the afternoon, I decided to shoot immediately after the civil ceremony so as to have that warm light and the sunset that go so well with my way of working and my tastes! My cinematic look thanks!

groom and bride

If, on the other hand, your wedding takes place in the summer and in the morning, then the shooting will take place in the cooler hours of the afternoon and in any case not immediately after the civil/religious ceremony. Why film during the wedding? Because it adds that personal, cinematic touch to yours wedding movie, the video will be enriched with artistic images and it will be a good opportunity to relax for a moment after giving good wishes left and right!

The party

The evening continues with dinner, the bride and groom and the guests are all more relaxed and in the mood to party, thus also the first dances and the first dances begin, the Brazilian culture is the master of the bride who, with her relatives, takes the scene and entertains everyone, it seems to be on a beach in Rio de Janeiro! This concludes another destination wedding full of emotions and with lots of excellent material, if you too are thinking of organizing your wedding with a civil ceremony by the sea, contact me here