Destination wedding videographer in apulia (Italy)

Destination Wedding Videographer in Puglia (Italy)

Are you thinking about Puglia as your country for your destination wedding? You have to know that you're choosing the most lovely place for destination wedding videographer in Puglia and all over the world!

In fact Puglia offers unbelievable landscapes with light and shadow play that makes every frame a masterpiece.

The couple's special day can be immortalized into breathtaking natural settings: Puglia is perfect for your destination wedding dream film. 

Destination wedding videographer in apulia (Italy)

Puglia with its white beaches, rocks and breathtaking panoramas is becoming an increasingly popular destination for the fateful "Yes" day. Salento, Itria Valley and the Gargano are magical places that keep inside the most typical traits of the Mediterranean maquis.

Maybe for this reason star like Jake Stein and Isabel Roth have chosen to spend their own day in these land. (Vogue article reported).


Wedding Videographer Puglia | Wedding videographer in Puglia

As a wedding videographer in Puglia I had the possibilty to visit some suggestive locations which I would certainly recommend to couples who choose my wedding reportage / documentary services.

Maybe one of the most beautiful aspects of working as a wedding videographer in Puglia is to have a way to explore wonderful places, full of green into the enchantment of the Mediterranean maquis


Wedding in Puglia | Masseria La Macina


Engagement of Luca & Stefania. Video trailer by Ettore Mirarchi.

And it is precisely in the enchanting Mediterranean atmosphere that the Masseria La Macina rises in Fasano, in the Torre Spaccata district, along the ancient via "Appia Traiana". Dating back to the mid-seventeenth century, born with the name of "Capricella Grande", it maintains the typical shapes and colors that Puglia offers unchanged.

The hall that gives to our structure its name is a triumph of Mediterranean tradition.

A stone's throw from the ancient millstone, it will be possible to organize a certified civil ceremony with attention to every detail, as requested by the spouses. The magical atmosphere that reigns in this place with its cross vaults is the perfect deal for experiencing one of the most important moments of own life, under the moved gaze of friends and relatives. The room is also perfect for ceremonies and events during the winter.

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Destination wedding videographer in Puglia