The Engagement


How many times have you heard of engagement and how many times have you heard this word mentioned? If you are one soon-to-be married couple who are organizing theirs marriage I'm sure you've come across it several times above Internet looking for suppliers related to wedding videography. It literally means involvement, engagement, in practice it tells how the wedding came about, the moments before, the last moments since fiancés! Personally I believe it is an integral part of a wedding videos, provides useful ideas for telling a story wedding film and accompany the story to the day of the fateful "yes". In recent years I have done many, at the seaside, in the mountains, even at Rome, Italians, foreigners, Greeks, Norwegians, I must admit, it is truly a memory that couples care about a lot!

I believe that in the engagement session the couple, their love and their feelings are told in an even more intimate and private way, just them without prying eyes! It is in moments like these that future spouses let themselves go and melt in front of the camera, so in addition to immortalizing intimate and romantic moments it also serves to become familiar with the figure of videographer and his camera.

The latest engagement made is the one in the Calabrian mountains, in Sila, on the snow, two Boys lovers of mountain and snow sports, they asked me to do it shooting on the snow-capped mountains where they exchanged pleasantries promises of love!


It was a day full of romance but also fun, I left the couple free to do what they wanted, to move freely on the snow without fees linked to the fact that I had to film, a great job came out of this , spontaneous and discreet like my style!


And you? Are you for or against the engagement session? If you want to know more don't hesitate to contact me!!!