The best wedding locations in Calabria

The best wedding locations in Calabria

In this article I want to talk to you about one of the toughest choices regarding organizing a marriage: the choice of location!

Find the best location for your wedding it could be a choice that could take up a lot of time and we will see why later...

Finding the best location for your wedding

What and where do you start from when you want to search for your dream place? Nowadays you start with a quick search on the internet, word of mouth is still fashionable or you can rely on the much-loved

Your location, a place to choose with care…

Generally we should start looking about the location a year earlier, yes, because as there is a great demand there is always the risk of finding the dates busy and therefore having to review all the plans, therefore, as wedding videographer, having been in the sector for several years now, my advice is this, make an appointment in time and get in the car to visit, if possible, yours in person. wedding location

Go and visit the wedding location in person, because it's not always possible...

A small mention about whether or not you have the possibility of going to visit the location in person, you don't always have this availability and here we talk about the destination wedding where we are dealing with couples who are in other countries and therefore the only option they have is the internet or the wedding planner of the place they entrusted themselves to…

What to do and what to ask when visiting a location…

We've gotten to the point, we have our appointment, the day has arrived and we are on location in front of the owner of the estate, what should we remember to ask? What are the key points?

We will certainly have done a menu test so already there we will have realized whether the food is to our liking or not, other aspects to evaluate are the beauty of the place, whether it reflects what we have seen on the web or what you have been told, how they are equipped to hosting any children and above all the feeling it gives you as soon as you arrive.

My experience with wedding locations, what shouldn't be missing…

In how much wedding videographer, I have seen and shot several location, I have seen so many and many have left me breathless because they are impeccable from every point of view, the place in which they are located, the quality of the food, the organization in short... everything!

Klope estate

Personally I would like to mention some places such as Klope estate, rises in the splendid setting of the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, immersed in the quiet of orange and olive groves, a dream location in which the charm of the past, the suggestion of distant times, the flavor of tradition blend with exclusivity and refinement.

Tenuta delle Grazie

Another wonderful location located in Curinga, immersed in ancient olive groves, Tenuta delle Grazie It boasts a calm and serene atmosphere, softened by the green meadows and vegetation of the area. The old mill, the stone farmhouse, and the ancient water canal immediately transport the guest into the past

Lenza Casino

Another dream location for your wedding, Lenza Casino It is located in the Lamezzo area and is a place surrounded by greenery.

Structure, an old hunting lodge from the mid-nineteenth century, has acquired, following recent restorations, renewed prestige and functionality.

The complex, surrounded by a large garden, is equipped with spaces equipped for receptions, elegant weddings, formal meetings, environments for informal or private meetings, internal and external areas for events and demonstrations.

Obviously I could go on forever citing numerous estates and locations of all kinds given that over the years I have visited many, but I conclude by saying that Calabria offers a vast choice, between locations overlooking the sea and those immersed in olive trees, the choice it is vast, my dears newlyweds all you have to do is make your choice... for more information you can contact me below!