The reportage style: the perfect choice for your wedding video

Video di matrimonio in stile reportage

The reportage style: the perfect choice for your wedding video

Weddings usually bring with them a myriad of true and authentic emotions, being able to capture them is thrilling and incredibly rewarding, they are the moments you will remember the most. In this article we talk about the reportage style of wedding videos and the differences with traditional video shooting styles.

If you want your wedding day to be documented discreetly by someone who lets the day take its natural course but still captures all those special moments, then you're in the right place. My passion is capturing true and honest emotions in a documentary style, not impacting the day but being there to capture all the moments that matter.

I'm a video maker specialized in weddings and in this article I would like to talk to you about the reportage style for wedding videos.

The reportage style wedding video it is an art form that can tell your love story in a unique and memorable way. With the reportage style wedding video you will not only relive the memory of the most special day with your friends and family, but you will also remember all the emotions and feelings that were part of it.

As a videographer, I have noticed that more and more couples are choosing this shooting style for their wedding video. With a reportage style, the videomaker captures natural and spontaneous moments that tell the true essence of the couple's special day. In this article, we will explore the concept of reportage style for wedding videos and how it differs from the traditional style. Furthermore, we will see how reportage style shooting takes place on the wedding day, how to find the right videomaker to satisfy your shooting needs and finally we will analyze the advantages.

What is a reportage style for wedding videos?

The reportage style for wedding videos is a way of filming the wedding day in a natural and spontaneous way, as if it were a documentary, capturing every single moment of the day, from the preparation of the couple, to the ceremony, to the party. What makes this shooting style unique is its ability to tell a story, to capture the atmosphere and energy of the day creating an almost cinematic wedding video. The reportage style is perfect for couples who want a wedding video that is authentic and tells their story in a natural way.

Finally, the reportage style requires an expert eye for detail, the ability to move quickly and adapt to any unexpected situation. In this way, we will have a wedding video that is not only beautiful to look at, but that tells a love story in an original and unfiltered way.

Reportage style vs. traditional: the differences in shooting a wedding video

One of main differences between a reportage style and a traditional shooting style for wedding videos it lies in the approach to the wedding day. A traditional shooting style focuses on moments “key” of the day, such as cake cutting or the first dance, and often requires couples to make prepared poses for the camera.

On the other hand, the reportage style is more focused on spontaneity and on capturing every moment of the day, without forcing or posing. What makes the reportage style unique is its ability to create a documentary-like wedding video, telling the story of the day in a natural way. Additionally, a reportage style often includes interviews with family members and friends, so as to capture not only the events of the day, but also the emotions and feelings of the couple and their loved ones.

Capturing the true essence of the day: how reportage style shooting works for your wedding video

Reportage style shooting for a wedding video involves a very different approach compared to other shooting styles, the whole philosophy is built first and foremost on being discreet during the wedding day.

As a professional videographer, I am in tune with the feelings of couples and guests during the wedding day and my main task is to capture authentic moments, which have emotion, energy and feeling, without interfering with the event. To do this, I will use a combination of shooting techniques, including the use of lightweight cameras and not intrusive, the freehand shot, the capture of moving pictures and aerial shots with drone. This way, I will be able to capture spontaneous and sincere moments between the bride and groom and their guests.

I won't ask people to act or pose for the camera but the goal is to capture all the emotions and details of this special day. Finally, when editing the video, I will use only the best footage and combine them to create a cinematic story that captures the true essence of your wedding.

Factors to consider when looking for a videographer for a reportage style wedding

Choosing the right videomaker to meet your reportage style shooting needs for your wedding video is an important decision.

There are many factors to consider, such as shooting style, L'videomaker experience, the price and the availability. The first thing to do is look at the wedding videos that the videomaker has created in the past and evaluate whether his shooting style matches your expectations.

Furthermore, it is important to meet the videographer in person (or even via Google Meet) to discuss your needs and see if a good relationship develops. Asking the videographer to showcase their most recent work and provide references from other satisfied clients can also be helpful in understanding the quality of their work. Finally, make sure you have a written contract that details the services that will be provided, delivery times, and total price. With these precautions, it is possible to find the right videomaker to satisfy your reportage style shooting needs and create an unforgettable wedding video.

The beauty of authenticity: the advantages of a reportage style for the wedding video

Choosing a reportage style for your wedding video has many advantages. Firstly, this shooting style can capture natural and spontaneous moments, making the wedding video more exciting and engaging.

The collection of all the most important moments, which together tell the story of the entire day, such as the preparation of the couple, the ceremony and the reception, will make the final video more authentic and better represent the true essence of the day.

Furthermore, the videomaker who uses the reportage style has greater creative freedom, since he can work more spontaneously without following a rigid scheme. In fact, choosing a reportage style for the wedding video allows you to obtain a more emotional result, since the video will be able to make the couple relive the emotion of their special day in which the true protagonists are the feelings.

Finally, a reportage style is perfect for couples who want a less traditional and more unique wedding video, the final video will be representative of the couple and their special day because let's always remember that every couple has its own story and every wedding is unique and different.

A tailor-made approach

To conclude, we understand that every couple is different, as are their needs, which is why we at Ettore Mirarchi Films take a personal approach to knowing who you are and what you consider important. This way, you can rest easy and enjoy your wedding knowing that every moment will be captured perfectly.

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