Luxury wedding, from UK to Italy

Luxury wedding

In this article I will tell you about a wonderful luxury wedding featuring Leslie and Betta, from the United Kingdom to Italy to celebrate their wedding!

A luxury wedding in Lenza Casino

Leslie and Elisabetta contacted me a year before, they are an explosive couple full of energy, we immediately hit it off and they begin to explain to me how they imagine their wedding day marriage. They tell me that they live in England but that they dream of getting married in Italy, Elizabeth's homeland, and so it will be!

I getting ready

Our spouses decide to get ready at home and leave from there, precisely from Elisabetta's birthplace, it is a somewhat unusual getting ready because inside this house I am invaded by a mix of cultures and people from all over the world world, everything fascinates me and inspires me in filming, there is an explosion of colors and cultures!!!

The religious rite

The rite takes place in the church and is officiated with great passion and feeling, a beautiful rite in two languages, Italian and English.

We proceed with the exchange of faiths and promises after which we are ready to leave the church.

We are ready for the release!

Luxury wedding at Casino lenza…

This magnificent Luxury wedding moves to the wonderful location of Lenza Casino, waiting for the guests there are lots of delicacies and a dinner prepared specifically by the chef.

Everything proceeds under the music of a welcoming sax, speeches and laughter, immediately afterwards we start with the party.

The cake cutting

To conclude the evening there is the cake cutting, all the guests film the fateful moment with their smartphones and the evening ends.

Return home full of emotions and pleasantly surprised by the interweaving of a mix of cultures that made this perfect marriage.

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