Wedding at Podere Licari – Roberto and Caterina

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An unforgettable day

Today I'm telling you about the wedding of Roberto and Caterina, two boys who decide to get married at Podere Licari after having celebrated the ceremony at the church of S. Maria di Porto Salvo in Catanzaro, precisely in the seaside district.

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Roberto and Caterina are two very shy, reserved boys, with an education from the past, linked by a deep love and eager to realize their dream of love, the morning starts early at Roberto's house, in Chiaravalle (Cz) , to accompany us, a nice cool breeze that doesn't mind at all given the torrid heat that accompanies the days of us videographers during weddings. Roberto's house is, right from the start, packed with relatives and friends, the atmosphere is very serene and relaxed even if the emotion betrays Roberto who lets a few tears slip away!

The morning continues at the bride's house, Caterina, unlike the vast majority of brides, proves to be quite calm and she is the one who transmits serenity to everyone, we find her finishing the last details with the make-up artist and then wearing the dreamed dress.


The most excited person in the house is the father, how could it be otherwise, getting ready to walk his daughter down the aisle, seeing her in the white dress, an indescribable emotion!

After the shooting at home we are ready to head to the church where Roberto is waiting for Caterina, the day is hot, a never so hot June 2nd! It gasps outside, the guests seek shelter inside the church where it is decidedly much cooler and so the religious rite begins.


After mass, we immediately head to Podere Licari (Marcellinara – Cz), a structure surrounded by greenery with a swimming pool set in the middle of the estate, a breathtaking view and an excellent point for outdoor shooting, here the guests begin to relax and so do especially our spouses who upon their arrival are greeted by applause and shouts of joy, the day flows pleasantly between songs and dances, laughter and tears of joy, up to the cake cutting by the pool which marks the end of the day.

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