Wedding in Tenuta Balzano

wedding couple in tenuta balzano

Wedding in Tenuta Balzano

In this article I will tell you about Francesco and Laura's love story and their fantastic wedding in Balzano estate.

This wedding location surrounded by greenery, it can represent an excellent option when you go to choose your favorite place.

A love story at Tenuta Balzano

Francesco and Laura are a very reserved couple, polite and kind, they decide to prepare each one in their respective ways belonging houses surrounded by the affection of relatives and friends. Everything takes place under a pleasant October sun which makes everything pleasant and smooth from a work point of view.

Why prepare at home rather than at Tenuta Balzano…

Personally I don't feel like recommending one or the other choice because it is a strictly personal decision, usually those who prepare in the house where they grew up are very attached to the place where they grew up and in a certain sense they don't want to separate from it, not that those who change on location aren't, but perhaps they prefer to do everything on the estate for reasons of convenience.

The ritual, not at Tenuta Balzano but in the church…

Francesco and Laura choose the religious ritual in the magnificent church of Belcastro, a wonderful village which will also be the setting for the outdoor shooting subsequently, once the function is over, in fact, as just mentioned, we head through the alleys of the village for a filming session with the couple which will also continue at Tenuta Balzano .

The party continues at Tenuta Balzano…

The celebrations begin!!!

Once the religious rite is over, the guests and the newlyweds can finally start celebrating in the magnificent location Of They leap, all accompanied by the estate's magnificent welcome buffet where guests can refresh themselves and drink something refreshing. The party continues with lunch, dancing with the parents and Francesco and Laura's first dance as husband and wife. The day ends with the cutting of the cake and the after party dancing!

This is how I conclude the 2023 season which saw me travel the length and breadth of the country, a challenging season where I met wonderful couples, each of whom left me something, now we are already thinking about the 2024 season! For any information do not hesitate to contact me!