Wedding at Villa Rossi

Wedding at Villa Rossi

In this article I talk to you about Tom and Alana's wedding which took place in Villa RossiLucca.

Finding the perfect wedding location can be difficult, in this article I will explain why and tell you about Tom and Alana's wedding!

Wedding at Villa Rossi, Tom and Alana, from America to Italy!

Tom and Alana are from America and choose the fantastic location of Villa Rossi to celebrate their marriage, location located in the city of Lucca.

They organize their wedding well in advance and down to the smallest details, obviously they are helped and coordinated by a wp.

The good life – wedding trailer


As for the famous "getting ready", the two decide to change in the city center in two distinct and separate hotels; Tom and Alana are surrounded by their loved ones, bestmen and bridemaids who help and accompany them in the preparation for the religious ceremony. For his wedding at Villa Rossi Tom chooses a beautiful suit, black trousers and white jacket while Alana chooses a beautiful cream-white dress.

The religious rite

Once the preparations are finished Tom and Alana head to the church for the religious ritual, a very emotional ritual entirely in English which sees the two exchange their words promises of love in front of relatives and friends who came from all over theAmerica. Once the mass is over, this magnificent destination wedding continues at Villa Rossi where we prepare for the welcome dinner and dinner, this is the opportunity for some outdoor shooting by the wedding photographer he was born in wedding videographer.

The shooting, some frames…

Speeches and dinner!

Finished on welcome dinner prepare yourself for entry into the room which is accompanied by the speeches of relatives and friends, from first dance of the newlyweds and from the dance with their respective parents, the dinner continues without a hitch and we head outside the villa for the cutting of the torita and the after party...

The wedding ends, the evening ends, I return to Catanzaro with a remarkable wealth of emotions and memories, a magnificent experience.

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