Wedding in Italian Villa


Oswald and Jasmine


In this article I'm talking about Osvaldo and Jasmine, two guys who have sought and wanted this marriage so much, a dream of love crowned in a beautiful party held in Villa Grandinetti, in the province of Lamezia Terme, more precisely in Falerna.


Let's start from the beginning though, Osvaldo and Jasmine are two guys who live outside but are deeply tied to their homeland, Calabria and more precisely to Catanzaro Lido, Osvaldo is a very reserved and polite boy, he changes in his parents' house which is the one where he was born and raised, the same thing goes for his wife, Jasmine, both are surrounded by the dearest affections, to all this Jasmine also adds six bridesmaids !


To celebrate their religious rite, our newlyweds decide to go to Lamezia and therefore to approach the location, everything is celebrated in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Lamezia Terme, as soon as I arrive I immediately find a very well decorated and well-kept church with flowers delicate, Osvaldo waits for his Jasmine in the church, the bride's arrival however suffers a small setback due to the rain so it is delayed a bit, fortunately everything is resolved and the holy mass begins. After mass and the documents signed, our spouses leave the church where they are overwhelmed by industrial quantities of rice by the guests! We are ready to go to Villa Grandinetti!


Once we arrive at the villa, I immediately do it couple shooting as agreed with the spouses, the villa is a stone's throw from the sea and is surrounded by so much greenery that really highlights the shots of our spouses, after the external shots we head to the entrance where our newlyweds make their entrance to the rhythm of salsa and reggaeton starting immediately to go wild!

The evening proceeds with an excellent dinner, many exciting moments including the inevitable first dance of the spouses and the one with their respective parents, after the service in the dining room we return to the beautiful garden of Villa Grandinetti where the cake cutting awaits us, frame of these last moments there are fireworks that entertain spouses and guests.

Thus concludes a beautiful day full of emotions and fun, if you too are thinking of organizing your wedding in a villa surrounded by greenery a stone's throw from the sea, do not hesitate to contact me, I will give you some useful advice!