Which location to choose for your wedding?

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One of the choices that often slows down the decision-making process of couples is the choice of location, I'll start right away by giving you some advice that could be fundamental in your final choice, ask yourself if you prefer the sea, mountain or an estate in the hills, then ask yourself if you prefer a slightly more classic room or perhaps something more rustic! It may seem trivial but by doing so you will begin to narrow the field a lot and you will be able to focus on the locations that reflect your standards.

In how much wedding videographers we see many of them, of all types and located in different places, what I try to advise couples is, if they really cannot help but get ready in the location (we will address this topic in another blog article), to do not subject your guests to unlikely movements once they leave the church. Not only because of the wait to which the guests will be subjected but also because, once the religious/civil rite, you won't have much time to dedicate to the shooting because you will always be anxious about having to arrive at a suitable time given the distance to travel. So don't be afraid, just ask yours videographer or I photograph if you have any doubts!


Now, let's analyze the situation a bit, as we know, most weddings take place in the summer and in the summer the sea reigns supreme, a beautiful sunset but personally I happened to take part in summer weddings which however took place in mountain or in hill, I must say that the light that filters through is beautiful woods or the vibe you get when you do it shooting in a beautiful wheat field it is satisfying, warm colors that make a lot and give that sense of welcome!

Another point to take into consideration is where you want to have lunch/dinner, if yours marriage includes a lunch reception, it seems obvious to me to say that it will be better to have dinner in the cool of a room given the 40° temperatures it can get in the summer! Conversely, the evening allows for an outdoor dinner with that light breeze that allows your guests to stay cool and relaxed.


I believe these are the key points for choosing a location, so if you still don't know where to start regardingorganization of your wedding contact me and I will be happy to help you!