Wedding video: civil or religious ceremony? What to choose?

Wedding video: civil or religious ceremony? What to choose?

The ritual, an important moment of the wedding

With this article we at Ettore Mirarchi films want to talk to you today about a very important moment of marriage and for the wedding videos, the rite! Let it be a civil or religious ceremony It doesn't matter, it's always one of the moments with the greatest climax of the whole wedding.

During the ritual the spouses they exchange promises and rings swearing eternal love, like wedding videographer I can say that I have seen many rites, both from a religious and civil point of view and the emotion is always great, I often find myself filming both spouses bursting into tears while they read each other's vows, facing each other 'other, as if no one existed around them when instead behind them they have relatives and friends also ready to immortalize the fateful moment.


Civil or religious ceremony

The main differences between the two types of ritual

Let's get straight to the point and begin to analyze the differences that there may be between the two types of ritual:

The religious rite:

As regards the religious rite, we are talking about the most classic gods wedding rites, until a few years ago was the master, after all it could not be otherwise in a highly secular country like the Italian one where religiosity is well rooted.

What should you think about when choosing a religious rite

When the couple decides to get married in church they must pay attention to a series of details and fulfill some obligations necessary to be able to get married in church, first of all they will have to take a pre-marriage course which will allow them to arrive prepared for the fateful day.

They will obviously have to respect the bureaucracy which is still quite streamlined, civil documents are not needed but only those valid for the church, birth certificates and the contextual one are also needed; at the same time, a request must be made to the parish priest who initiates the procedure who first checks the availability of the church for that date chosen for the marriage.

Decorate the church for your wedding day

Getting married in a church also requires a floral decoration, which is why it is useful to contact a florist in advance who will go to the location to decide together with the wedding couple which will be the best decorations that will enhance the church.

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In addition to floral arrangements, we will also need to think about place cards, rice bags (and here we touch on a painful point for our dear friends in the curia who hate to see the church invaded by rice!), booklets with the readings to follow the mass and finally the banquet where the spouses will sit throughout religious ritual!

The civil ceremony:

However, a different matter when it comes to the civil ceremony, in 99% cases it takes place in location but as a wedding videographer I also shot some of them in different places such as a forest near a villa!

What you need to think about for a perfect civil ceremony

When deciding to organize a civil ceremony, obviously the married couple must go to the civil registry office to request the documentation necessary to obtain the authorization. Once this is done, they obviously have to decorate the location with flowers and to do this they must always contact our beloved flower shop!

What differentiates a civil rite from a religious one is the vast choice you have regarding the type of rite, there are several and we know at least one eight

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Which you choose a religious rite or a civil rite in the end what matters is what the married couple really wants, the emotion they will feel that day when they groom will look at the wife in the eyes and vice versa. You have to plan the wedding of your dreams and therefore there is no handbook to follow, you have to make the choices that you like and make you feel good! If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact me below by filling out the form!