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The videomaker or wedding videographer is a professional who aims to do perfect videos.

His work ranges from filming to editing and ends with the delivery of the wedding video and the related wedding trailer.

The skill of the wedding videomaker is evident from the ability to tell each event in an original and never repetitive way, he carries out his work with a lot of love and with an artistic touch that must never be missing in this field.

The wedding videomaker is someone who works in the field of videography or video production, specialized in the production of reportage or wedding films. The wedding videographer uses a single or multiple camera setup to capture all the action of the day.

Thanks to advances in technology, aerial videography has become an integral part of the wedding videographer's armory, capturing stunning images of the big day.

What can you expect from a professional wedding video maker?

Wedding videographers are able to shoot, edit and create a wedding video in a variety of styles: from documentary where everything is in chronological order to film where different parts of the day blend together.

they work closely with the couple to understand the preferred style and adapt the content produced.

You can recognize a professional wedding videographer immediately because it has unmistakable characteristics:

  • Absolute dedication to the quality of the material produced and processed
  • Extraordinary cinematic style which, combined with professional sound design, guarantees a truly emotional and atmospheric storytelling
  • The main focus of the wedding videomaker is to tell the story of the couple, find the narrative of the day and create that “film” feeling
  • It has a unique artistic production in look, tone, feel
  • His works are timeless and are able to excite even after many years
  • His creations have a cinematic style full of atmosphere and real, pure emotion
  • Has a creative and artistic approach to filmmaking, to create a “wow factor”

The wedding videographers is the one who exclusively takes care of wedding videos, shoots the wedding, follows the bride and groom from morning to evening on the most important day of their lives.

Weddings are in fact one of the few occasions in life where you have all your family and friends together in the same place. Capturing loved ones at their happiest moment is a valuable opportunity for the

A good wedding videomaker must tell emotions, capture the light, interpret the moment. The goal is to capture the most beautiful and meaningful moments of that special day to revive

How to choose the perfect wedding videomaker?

Choosing the wedding videomaker to entrust with the task of immortalizing this day will probably be one of the most important decisions to make in relation to your wedding.

Alongside photographs, wedding video (aka wedding reportage) is one of the few physical mementos to have once the day is over.

Thank to the wedding videomaker professionalism, the most important day in a couple's life can be seen and reviewed over time: a documented memory with professional footage and an exciting montage, a video to show to children and grandchildren too.

Choosing the wedding videomaker it is certainly not a simple undertaking, but to help you choose you will need to carefully evaluate some aspects:

  • Is the wedding videomaker willing to follow you on location? If it's not, then it's not the right wedding video maker for your needs
  • Wedding video duration (or wedding reportage). In general, the duration of the wedding video is variable, agreed with the couple based on the budget and the needs identified during the interview
  • Will the wedding videomaker provide you with a preview (or trailer) of the work? Generally a professional wedding video maker will propose it to you.
  • What's the cost of wedding videomaker? Of course, if the price is too low, you cannot expect excellent quality.
  • Does the wedding video maker work alone or in a team? This is an essential feature, as the success of your film will essentially depend on the shooting and video editing team.

Are you looking for the best wedding videomaker?

we produce truly memorable wedding videos that tell the emotions of your wedding and the story of you as a couple, in an artistic and original way.

As wedding videographers we operate unobtrusively, without interrupting the flow of your special day, capturing the genuine moments as they happen. We welcome each wedding with enthusiasm and with the goal of creating a unique film and personal keepsake that you and your family will treasure forever.

We begin and end each day with the awareness of protecting the memories you want to last a lifetime and we believe that the best memories are the most spontaneous ones, those little moments rarely seen: that laugh or smile, that wrinkled nose, that quiet word or look of understanding, those little details that can easily escape the eyes of a less experienced user.

For us, recording your wedding day means capturing every moment you would never otherwise see and those you would like to relive forever.

We are a small team based in Catanzaro, which creates natural, genuine and authentic cinematic experiences.

We provide to all the couples who choose our services with the highest possible level of care and attention, taking all the time necessary to make your wedding reportage more special and personalized.

So, if you're looking for a truly special wedding video maker that's a little bit different from the others, then you've come to the right place! Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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