How a wedding videographer works in Italy

How a wedding videographer works in Italy!

I'll explain how I work as a wedding videographer in Italy

My approach to marriage

In this article I want to talk to you about how I work and manage a marriage, being a wedding videographer who works in Italy but also abroad, I have traveled a lot weddings, I found myself having to face many situations and very important things, all unpredictable situations because you know, even knowing how the wedding day goes, the unexpected always comes out, which is why I will now explain to you the importance of the figure of the videographer marriage.

An expert figure!

A wedding videographer knows what to do!

Having worked in several inter marriage Italy and abroad I can easily give some advice regarding the role and importance of the wedding videographer.

Personally I prefer the wedding reportage, a style that allows me to be discreet and capture all the emotions in the most spontaneous way possible; once the couple booked mine services I immediately make a call with them to get to know them and understand what they like and their characters.

Understanding the couple is essential for a wedding videographer, let's see why…

Let's start from a fundamental assumption, when the couple approaches our figure we are perfect strangers, which is why we must try to be as empathetic as possible, try to understand how they are made and understand what their desires are.

Without ever distorting our style though...

Exactly, it's fine to understand and support the customer but let's remember that he chose us precisely for how we work, for the work we have presented, so by distorting our know-how in order to please him we would only risk not making him happy with our product the final.

The wedding reportage

The wedding reportage, by many, is seen as a style where everything is filmed from morning to night and used only to ensure nothing escapes, there is nothing further from the truth! The documentary style is a careful and discreet eye on everything that happens during the infamous wedding day! When I meet a couple I immediately explain that this is my working method and that they can relax all day, no posing requests!

Understanding how a wedding videographer works is important, dear couples!

Wedding in Ponzano Romano – Luxury wedding

From getting ready to cutting the cake…

Whether it is an Italian or foreign wedding, of an Italian or foreign couple, my approach is always the same, trying to leave the couple free to live their day, free to live their emotions because I will always be there ready to seize the right and most exciting moment.

This is why I believe that the documentary style, the reportage, is the true essence of the emotions that manifest themselves during a wedding.

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