What destination wedding is…

What destination weddind is

What is a Destination wedding...

Some useful tips on destination weddings

Why choose a destination wedding rather than getting married in your country of origin...

Today I want to address a very vast and particular topic, that of DESTINATION WEDDING IN ITALY! This term refers to all married couples who decide to get married in another country, in another region and everything that involves organizing an off-site event.

Yes, because if we are talking about a wedding that is part of the "Destination wedding or destination wedding in Italy” there will be much more work to do, let's now see in detail what I'm talking about: any supplier or in any case the vast majority will not be from our area so we should rely either on the internet (in case we wanted to do everything ourselves) or on a wedding planner. 


What destination weddind is


Who to trust to organize a destination wedding in Italy

Personally, at least in the case of Destination wedding, I believe that the figure of the wp is essential because it will be his job to contact the suppliers and propose any options to the couple, this will mean less stress and worries for the future spouses! Once you have chosen the various suppliers you can think about the bureaucratic part, all the clearances, certifications and documents to have on the day of the wedding, nothing should be left to chance even regarding the bureaucratic part! 


Let's now address an important point, the guests, how many will there be?


 I think this is an important question because the latter will have to be chosen well, they will have to be people very dear to the couple not only because we are talking about marriage but because there will be costs to bear towards them, the rule is that this is guaranteed to all guests the accommodation for the night on the day of the wedding, always close to the location of the wedding, in case you have to move then shuttle services will also be provided.

Why should one get married in another country...?

Let's now analyze why you should get married in another country other than your own, have an extra opportunity to travel with relatives and dear friends, breathtaking landscapes that you wouldn't see every day, if I think of Italy they come to my mind in mind Puglia, Tuscany, Rome and its historical beauties, the Amalfi coast...


 If we talk about Destination wedding we are talking about a wedding that is different from the usual and out of the norm, much less linked to the classic cliché! What is certain is, as mentioned before, that thoughtful choices must be made, the couple will approach suppliers they have never seen or heard of before, therefore, dispassionate advice, always request an information call, also to see the impression that supplier makes on you.

Destination wedding can be the dream of a lifetime!